You’re a one-woman show building an online business and brand you love that’s worth protecting.

The problem is, knowing where to start and dreading having to deal with too expensive, legal jargon speaking, don’t get you, tell-you-no all the time lawyers (that’s not too fun is it?). It would be EVERYTHING to find a smart, down to earth, supportive lawyer to help you turn legal mush into magic that transforms your business and prepares it for new opportunities.

You’re in luck, because that’s EXACTLY what I do!

If you’re ready to leverage the power of the law to add some legal muscle to your hustle, I can help.

I’m Sandra Stanfield, internet business attorney & intellectual property strategist, and I help women entrepreneurs demystify the “legal” stuff by providing accessible, easy-to-understand and pro-active legal hacks to protect their digital empires.

I’ve been in the trenches the last several years counseling creative businesses on how to brand & launch new products and services, grow an online presence, market to their tribe, partner with other businesses, hire help and much more, all while keeping them on the right side of the law. So helping entrepreneurs and creatives do the innovative sh*t they want to do is where I shine and am at my best.

I love working with fierce, fabulous, go-getters like you because as an entrepreneur myself (that just so happens to be a lawyer), I know how meaningful it is to have support and help from like-minded women who are also building brands, navigating their careers and entrepreneurship while remaining true to who they are. So this is my contribution to my online business baddies – a true extension of your squad, a collaborative partner, your legal BFF in business.

Through my 100% online law studio, I provide digital girl bosses with an accessible and convenient alternative to get top-notch, super-practical, actionable guidance so they can make smart business decisions and be prepared for new business opportunities and next level growth without having to worry about if their biz and brand is protected.

I’m a New York born and Dallas, Texas bred gal with big dreams that fell prey to what I call the “you made it” illusion: the empty promise that if you follow certain rules and work your ass off trying to climb your way up the corporate ladder, you can have it all.

I was that girl who followed all the rules my entire life. I had gone to college and graduated, got a “good” job, went above and beyond always trying to prove myself for the next promotion, bought a home and a nice car (you know, all the stuff you think you’re suppose to do) and on the outside looking in, that was the American dream. I had “made it”. But somehow I wasn’t fulfilled.  In actuality, I was miserable, hated my “good” job and wasn’t really living my  life on my own terms. I was living my life doing the things I was programmed to think I should do.  It wasn’t until I decided to go to law school that I began to really explore the idea of being an entrepreneur.  The law has a way of making its way into everything and anything, so I knew with my shiny new degree I would be equipped to do a lot of things on both the legal front and in business. That’s when things starting looking up!

I have always been inspired by the women I meet and read about who build these amazing businesses on an idea, hustle, fearlessness & zero f*cks to give about what people might think because they believe in it and that’s all that matters.  So I started to think about how awesome it would be if I created a digital space where ambitious and fierce women would feel comfortable and could get quality, affordable and convenient legal services to launch and grow the business of their dreams. I knew a basic, traditional (and boring) law firm would not work for these modern ladypreneurs. 

So I dug deep, got my creative juice flowing, let go of fear, stepped out on faith and out came my brainchild, Sandra Stanfield Law Studio, a boutique, online law office that makes navigating the law easy and fun for women entrepreneurs. Now I know my non-traditional law firm won’t be for everybody, and quite honestly, I’m ok with that. For me, it was about helping, connecting and working with the bold, beautiful, brilliant women who want it all, do it all, and plan to have it all – all on her own terms. That’s who I built my law practice for and I am shamelessly proud of it.

and now, My Offical Bio

In addition to counseling women entrepreneurs through Sandra Stanfield Law Studio, Sandra also serves as  In-House Counsel to XO Group Inc., the life-stage media and technology company behind the #1 wedding brand and marketplace The Knot, and sister brands The Bump, The Nest, Gigmasters and How He Asked. Sandra earned her law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law where she tapped into her legal prowess and ultimately figured out how she would combine her legal skills with her passion for business, creativity & technology to create an innovative law firm to support women entrepreneurs.

Her drive and focus on working with creatives, led her to unique opportunities to work in New York with a boutique entertainment law firm, a fashion tech start up, and the licensing group at a very well known American fashion house – all things that have been instrumental to her perspective and knowledge of the challenges and needs of creative businesses. Sandra is also a graduate of the Fashion Law Institute’s Fashion Law Bootcamp, where she sharpened her knowledge of the current business and legal issues involving the global fashion industry.

When not practicing law, you can find Sandra brunching all over NYC, traveling, trying new restaurants, sipping wine, at music festivals, women’s empowerment events, and spending time with family and friends. She is also the Founder and Chief Curl Curator of CurlScout, a curated online marketplace to discover, buy and sell the best natural hair products created for and by women of color.

My areas of expertise / capabilities include:

  • Startup Strategies & Entity Formation
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation & Review
  • Intellectual Property Strategy & Brand Protection
  • Trademark Application, Registration & Maintenance
  • Copyright Application, Registration & DMCA Compliance
  • New Product & Branding Strategies
  • Licensing & Technology Transactions
  • Hiring Employees, Independent Contractors & Interns
  • Website/Mobile Terms & Policies
  • Online Marketing & Affiliate Programs
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes & Contests
  • Social Media Policies & Agreements
  • Strategic Partnerships

I work with women who are:

Solopreneurs, Creatives, Experts, Makers, Mommy CEOs, Game-changers, Innovators