Welcome to Sandra Stanfield Law Studio

Welcome to Sandra Stanfield Law Studio

Hello to all my lady bosses and aspiring lady bosses on a journey to create the life of your dreams and turn your passion into profits. Today is a very exciting day in my journey of doing just that, and I am happy to announce that my new 100% online law studio exclusively for women entrepreneurs is live!

00-bwsandra Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to Sandra Stanfield Law Studio, my tiny corner of the word wide web where I help women entrepreneurs start, protect and grow their online lifestyle businesses. Anyone who knows me knows I am super passionate about women supporting women in business and in their lives. So it was only natural for me to want to leverage my knowledge and skills to do just that. Starting a business is definitely one of the toughest things I have attempted to do especially while working a day job and having a host of other obligations pulling me in different directions. But having the right support system, resources and tribe along the way is always something that has kept me going and moving forward with my vision to do law my way. I am so happy about this new adventure and can’t wait to support and collaborate with you along yours as you walk in your purpose and follow your passion. I’m all about making the law easy and fun for my fellow lady bosses and helping you use it as a tool to further your business goals. I encourage you to take a look around my new website (aka my virtual law office) to learn more about my boutique lifestyle law studio.

To help you navigate your way around, here’s what you can expect.  To start, I offer some pretty sweet all-in-one legal packages, whether you are just starting out or an established business. I also offer a-la-carte services if you have something specific you need “handled” (Olivia Pope style, of course). I have a Q&A section where you can pick my brain and submit those pesky legal questions keeping you up at night. My Legal Hacks for Women blog is your go-to next-level content zone to boost your legal IQ and learn what you need to crush it in business. Oh, and my Instagram & Facebook will be filled with great tips, behind the scenes action and the life and times of me navigating this thing called entrepreneurship. And can’t forget my YouTube channel where you will be able to get my down & dirty legal hacks in 5 minutes or less, because I know time is money for a lady boss on a mission.

So with all that said, thank you for stopping in and feel free to read more about me and Sandra Stanfield Law Studio here. And lastly, know chasing your dreams and building your business will be tough, require more than you think you have to give, will be filled with good days and bad days, but it will all be worth it. I am here to support you each step of the way and looking forward to connecting with you both online and off line.



“Chase your dreams in the cutest pair of heels you own.”

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