As an online business owner who is constantly working with others, it’s important to have your business relationships in writing. A clearly written, customized contract can help ensure you get paid, set expectations and cover your buns if something goes wrong.

If you:

  • need a streamlined contract to use for future projects and engagements with customers or clients; or
  • are in need of a contract that is customized to fit you and your business needs; or
  • want to ensure you have all your bases covered and everything you need in your contract….

We should talk.
I can draft a variety of agreements such as:

  • Client Agreements
  • Website Legal Terms & Policies
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Giveaway Official Rules
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements

and more…

How It Works


Online Consultation

You will complete a questionnaire and we’ll connect via phone or video conference to clarify your contract needs




I will provide my recommendations on the type(s) of contracts you need to protect your business


Craft & Draft

Next, I will craft and draft your custom contract(s) and create PDF and Word formats for your business use


Follow Up

After you’ve had a chance to review, we’ll reconnect so I can address any questions you may have about your contract(s)


Have you been handed a contract and asked to sign but would like clarification on what you are agreeing to? Are you using a contract you wrote yourself and not sure if it provides you with adequate protection? If so, I can help. Send me your document and I will review it, explain it to you in plain English and let you know what’s missing and what to look out for.

Your signature could mean liability, so I am happy to take a look to break it all down before you sign on the dotted line.

How It Works


Send Your Contract

You can simply send me the contract you would like to get a lawyer’s eye on to decode the legalese.


Review & Evaluate

I will review the contract and identify any concerns and potential issues with the agreement.




We will meet one-on-one (via phone or skype) and I’ll discuss the issues I see (if any) with your contract.

*Note that your contract review does not include revisions or drafting. If edits are needed, please inquire about my contract drafting services.