Stop wearing a million hats. Get the support you need on a short term or long term basis so you can focus on growing your business and your profits.


1 payment – $1995*

3 payments – $690*

*pricing subject to change based on complexity

(1) Business Rx Check Up Package

Have you been so busy running your business, you haven’t had much time to make sure your business is protected? The Business Rx Check Up Package is just what the legal doctor ordered to ensure your legal ducks are in a row and your business is in good health.

The Business Rx Check Up™ Package includes:

  • Online Questionnaire Consult
  • Review and revision of two contracts
  • Review and revision of website Terms & Conditions
  • Review and revision of website Privacy Policy
  • Assess and review business entity status
  • Assess and review insurance policies
  • Intellectual property audit and assessment
  • Ensure your business structure is accomplishing your goals
  • Ensure compliance with all necessary local, state and federal permits and licenses
  • A detailed PDF Business Rx Checkup Report & Action plan
  • One hour chat via phone or video conference (must be scheduled)


1 payment – $2995*

3 payments – $999*

*Pricing may vary depending on complexity of initiative

(2) Lean Counsel Special Initiatives Package

Are you launching a new product or service, thinking about a strategic partnership, ready to license your work to others in your industry, or just looking for the reassurance of having an attorney available to guide you on a particular business goal before the big launch?  The Lean Counsel Special Initiatives Package is the perfect customizable, short term, pre-launch, solution to work closely with an attorney to develop strategies and structure business deals and policies before the launch.

The Lean Counsel Special Initiatives™ Package includes over a 3-month period:

  • Online Questionnaire Consult
  • Advice on program legal requirements and disclosures
  • Prepare Term Sheet outlining material terms & conditions of the business arrangement (if applicable)
  • Create a custom contract for your program/initiative
  • Create policies/guidelines for your program/initiative
  • Check-in via phone each month and you’ll get customized to-do lists
  • Chat over email anytime questions arise
  • 1 hour pre-launch call (must be scheduled)
  • 1-week support and advice via email post-launch (during first week)

Who is a good fit for the Lean Counsel Special Initiatives Package?:

  • Have or developing strategic partnerships with other brands or businesses
  • Have or developing licensing programs or multi-partner projects
  • Launching new products or services
  • Spinning off projects into their own business lines
  • Adding other sophistication to your company
  • Need legal risk assessment & guidance on new initiatives
  • Have been in business for 1+ years.
  • Need short term commitment on an initiative by initiative basis
  • Don’t have time or inclination to handle legal work yourself


1 payment – $15,000*

4 payments – $3825*

12 payments – $1300*

*Government and other filing fees are not included. I will give you an estimate of any fees before they happen, of course.

(3) Lawyer on Demand General Counsel Package

Do you need ongoing legal support and need a business attorney to serve as General Counsel and a trusted member of your team? Perhaps you used to just handle your legal issues yourself, but you don’t have time to do that anymore. The Lawyer-On-Demand General Counsel Package is exactly what you need so you can focus on building your business.  As an extended member of your squad, you can pass those pesky legal tasks off to me and know that I am watching your back. I can be available whenever you need an attorney. Whether you need a contract reviewed, a negotiation handled, or just have a question, you can know that I am just an email or phone call away.  I’ll make sure that your legal ducks are in a row and that you are making progress towards your big goals.

The Lawyer On Demand™ General Counsel Package includes over a 12-month period:

  • Online Questionnaire Consult
  • Unlimited email advice
  • Unlimited phone calls or video conferences (must be scheduled)
  • Unlimited review of contracts
  • Unlimited creation of contracts and contract templates
  • Unlimited website and sales page review
  • Unlimited marketing material review
  • Creation of privacy policy, terms of use, terms of service, and disclosures
  • Unlimited business formation advice, filing, and compliance*
  • Unlimited business or project name vetting (for trademark compliance)
  • Unlimited pre-filing trademark search
  • Unlimited trademark filing and replies to office actions*
  • Unlimited copyright registration*
  • Unlimited letters, such as cease and desist letters, demand letters, and replies
  • Review status of contractors and vendors
  • Help finding litigation counsel and managing litigation (litigation not included)
  • Review of tax situation, if requested (tax preparation not included)
  • Review of employment law issues (HR services not included)
  • Creation of prioritized to do lists
  • Monthly meeting via phone or video conference (must be scheduled)

Who is a good fit for the Lawyer-on-Demand General Counsel Package?:

  • Fast growing and rapidly changing business.
  • Have many projects, strategic partnerships, and business lines.
  • Have multiple partners, contractors and/or employees.
  • Have more complexity than your typical small business, such as licensing programs, multi-partner projects, and multiple business entities.
  • Make over $100K/year of revenue and have been in business for 3+ years.
  • Don’t have time or inclination to handle legal work yourself.

I take on limited number General Counsel clients each year under this program. Whether I currently have any space depends upon renewal rates and the complexity of the client. Please contact me to see if I have availability for the start date you have in mind.  Monthly and quarterly payment plans are available.